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Airsoft New Mexico

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Fri Jan 02 @ 5:00PM - 11:29PM
Hinkle Family Fun Center

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20:03-- staffsergent331: ok cool thanks blubbs2
2:45-- blubbs2: Sweet man! Check the calendar for some events brother.
16:12-- staffsergent331: hey yall I am new to air soft but not shooting and was wondering if there are any games or tournaments coming up
2:52-- White_Skull: Exciting in here
19:45-- Amaranth: Official or unofficial.
19:42-- Amaranth: Are there any local games around los lunas/albuquerque area?
20:26-- Milk: There's a Facebook page ;)
5:37-- neal569: does anybody play around farmington
4:08-- Milk: neat
17:38-- Krevs: Do you guys carpool by any chance? My car recently gave up on me and well now I can't go to 007 because of it
3:34-- Dickie: Wow it is dead in here. I remember a time when the "squak box" was rocking well into the night!
22:17-- molon labe: Any one up for a game in ruidoso let me know we have a game comibg soon need more players.
18:09-- mark808: People always show up in Hinkle and 007. They both usually have their own waivers.
16:03-- BullpupGuy91: Hey guys, I'm new to airsoft and was wondering if people are going to show up on hinkle and 007 this weekend, also wanted to know if i have to print n fill a form or something for either one, thanks.
12:23-- mark808: "We really enjoyed the airsoft crowd. Please join us again on the 1st and 3rd Saturdays of each month for airsoft." Starts at 9:00am- 4:00pm
0:52-- blubbs2: So when are the games at 007?
21:21-- White_Skull: There is not OadFlats anymore, after the owner died they closed it down.
14:01-- Adam: I had anti spam features on high alert, so some forum posting may have been difficult. If anyone has had issues posting, try again now.
4:59-- RaspberryDonut: Are there any games at Oak Flats?
4:58-- RaspberryDonut: Hello Alex
20:17-- Sstorm00: Hey guys how do I post an Event I not able to get to the Forums
5:33-- White_Skull: Adam changed the site a while back
5:32-- White_Skull: Ok I'm going back to my SWTOR now
5:31-- White_Skull: Loser
5:31-- ABQA Alex K.: Hmmmm... Been a while
3:12-- Sandman: Hay guys why don't we have a fundraiser like a marathon to raise money for airsoft and we could put that money torda opening are own airsoft field her in Albuquerque
22:20-- EndExMilSim: Hello everyone. I joined to post about an event in Oklahoma but finding myself unable to post due to the captcha hiding behind the forum's banner. Is there a work around to this?
2:25-- alexx117: Is there a rps limit our here?
19:55-- casadilla: Hey is anyone going to the Hinkle arena?
19:30-- Sstorm00: there is always a good amount of people there so no worries
18:50-- VoidKaos: Anyone going to Hinkle today?
17:05-- White_Skull: Ban ban ban ban bannnnn
14:28-- Sstorm00: 007 Airsoft support game is this Saturday. There will be a raffle for guns and gear.
0:11-- Sea4Airsoft: Hey guys I am just wondering if anyone would like to check out my youtube channel its Sea4Airsoft thanks!
17:15-- Adam: No go on the mesh goggles. Mesh face protection is fine.
2:08-- Krevs: if yes, what about full face mesh masks??

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